Business Opportunities

Good governance, entry to the World Trade Organization, political stability and the rule of law of the Democratic Republic, its geographical position, culture and the “Morabeza” of its people mean that Cape Verde takes on the preference of foreign investors when it is about investing in African countries.

In addition, the gradual integration of Cape Verde into the world economy, the development of the private sector, the encouragement and promotion of foreign investment, as determinants of the socio-economic development of the archipelago, create new opportunities for the country.

In the islands of Boa Vista and Maio there are several business opportunities in the various sectors that support tourism.

Thus, in partnership with SDTIBM, investments in the infrastructure of Integral Tourism Development Zones (ZDTI) can be made, in addition to the provision of infra-structured investment land, namely in resorts, hotels, SPA, Golf, apartments, villas, villas and property units, casinos, convention centers, boutique hotels, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, amphitheaters, exhibition centers and shopping centers.

In the sports sector there are also a number of investment opportunities such as: diving schools, water sports academies, tennis academies, equestrian centers and offshore and onshore marinas.

In terms of the offer of services and products, the islands of Boa Vista and Maio also offer investment opportunities in several sectors, namely:

I) education – through the building and operation of professional schools;

ii) health – through the construction and operation of hospitals and medical centers to meet the needs that will arise with the conventional tourist demand and tourist real estate;

(iii) transport,

iv) agro-industry;

v). livestock;

(vi) fishery and conservation of fish;

vii) culture and entertainment;

viii) social real estate and condominium management.

The production and distribution of water and electricity are also business areas open to foreign investment, as well as the financing and / or exploitation of port and airport infrastructures.

Investment guarantees and incentives

Law No. 26 / VIII / 2013, of January 21, guarantees investors a series of tax benefits that may, among others, include the form of exemptions, tax reductions, tax credits, deductions from the tax base and collection, such as:

Tax benefits for investment: Investment credit; Exemption of Unique Tax on Patrimony (IUP); Exemption from Stamp Tax; Exemption from customs duties;
Tax benefits to internationalization: Tax benefits on Single Tax on Income (IUR);
Tax benefits to savings and financial sector;
Tax benefits of a social nature;
Customs tax benefits.
Incentives for investment in tourism – Tourism Utility Statute

The incentive to invest in tourism is made through the attribution, to tourism enterprises, of the Tourism Utility Statute provided for in Law no. 55 / VI / 2005, of January 10, which may be one of the following modalities:

Tourist Utility of Installation;
Tourist Functioning Utility;
Remodeling Tourism Utility