Entrepreneurs call for coherence in tourism measures

Mindelo Meeting Point served, essentially, to recover old projects and renew old promises.
Entrepreneurs in the north of the country want “a single line of guidance” on tourism. The call was made by the president of the Barlavento Chamber of Commerce (CCB) during the first edition of Mindelo Meeting Point (MMP), which took place last week.
For Belarmino Lucas, São Vicente, Santo Antão and São Nicolau offer ideal conditions for the combination of different types of tourism offer, from the traditional sun and beach, to mountain tourism, without forgetting more cultural proposals. However, the associate responsible argues that tapping the potential of the region depends on creating a more favorable and coherent business environment.
“It is imperative that all institutions of government and public administration are aligned with this objective and that all measures that influence it in any way are coordinated, oriented and socialized with stakeholders,” said the president of the CCB during the business meeting, promoted by the government.
“Investors need to be assured that there is a single guideline on investment support within the government and there can be no room for situations where different sectors of the administration take on antagonistic positions on the same subject” , he added.
Convinced of the tourist potential of the three northernmost islands, the president of the Cape Verde Tourism Board (CTCV) argues that “high quality projects can be developed in the region, conducive to human and economic development and capable of helping to solve some of the structural problems “of the country, namely unemployment.
Gualberto do Rosário guarantees that the MMP has come to stay and that it is not only an isolated event, but part of a tourism development strategy in which the CTCV is committed. “We want to give an external, effective signal of the mobilization of our energies in this process,” he assured at the opening of the event.
Quality Tourism
Mindelo Meeting Point brought together entrepreneurs, public decision-makers and potential investors in São Vicente. For three days, between 7 and 9 May, ideas were presented – in most cases, some years ago – and strategies were discussed – here, too, without substantial news.
For the Minister of Tourism, Investments and Business Development, the MMP is an important point in the process of affirming the northern archipelago as a tourist region of quality, with gains for the whole country.
“Tourism, by its very nature transversal, can produce highly beneficial effects and can drag across all sectors of the economy, with multiplier effects that can touch everyone,” said the official in the opening address.
The first edition of Meeting Point was a government organization, in partnership with the Chambers of Tourism of Cape Verde and Commerce of the Barlavento, along with the municipality of São Vicente. In addition to the work sessions in Mindelo, the meeting included, on Saturday, a trip to the island of Santo Antão.
Chamber of Tourism will certify companies from the North
The president of the Cape Verde Tourism Chamber announced the extension of the tourist certification project to the islands of São Vicente, Santo Antão and São Nicolau. Gualberto do Rosário spoke during Mindelo Meeting Point last week in São Vicente.
“We are going to enter the program very briefly. We have an agreement with the Quality Management Institute. It is on the basis of this protocol that we are already certifying at Sal twenty restaurants, “he explained.
Companies in the tourism sector that wish to associate will undergo an evaluation process, being obliged to comply with a set of quality criteria. Compliance with the standards will ensure the assignment of an ISO certificate.
Source: Expresso das Ilhas