Government wants to adapt recreational activities and nautical tourism

The draft law that establishes the regime of the nautical recreational activities and its economic exploitation was this Friday, 15, approved in Council of Ministers. With this diploma the Government wants to unify and update the legal regime and align practices in Cape Verde with the best existing at international level.
With the draft law establishing the regime of nautical recreational activities and their economic exploitation, the Government intends to unify and update the legal regime and “adapt it to the best international practices in this field”, assured the Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers , Démis Almeida, according to the spokesman of the Council of Ministers, both from the perspective of the practitioner and from the economic agent who provides services to third parties. nautical sports.
According to Démis Almeida, this diploma establishes a set of requirements that must be respected by agents of the State as well as by local authorities when granting licenses and permits. For companies already operating in the market, the licenses will only be renewed if the equipment and practices are in compliance. The monitoring, the Council of Ministers decided, will be the responsibility of the maritime authorities, who “must ensure that the requirements are met” not only at the time of allocation of licenses but in the course of their use. However, questioned about the effectiveness of this Government’s effort to regulate diving, surfing and other activities by companies operating in this field, given the large gaps in enforcement in Cape Verde, Almeida acknowledged that ” there is a margin of improvement of the conditions of inspection “and advocates that they have been improved.