Maio - Structuring Projects

External access -The outlined development requires the creation of external accessibilities, which are divided into two fundamental aspects: aerial accessibility (international and national) and maritime accessibility (mainly national but admitting a future international component, related to the possibility of intercalating this Island on the routes of international vacation cruises). In terms of aerial accessibility, the construction of a new airport infrastructure with a track of 2,100 meters in length and 45 meters in width is expected, which gives it the capacity to secure international point-to-point flights. It will be located up and to the left of the current track, near the town of Morro. In terms of maritime accessibility, the port is to be adapted in order to facilitate the landing of passengers, to allow the unloading and storage of fuels and to accommodate more containers.

Internal Accessibilities – It is planned to construct a structural track with two lanes in each direction on the English / ZDTI section of Ribeira de D. João and a track with a track in each direction on the section of the Ponta de Pau Seco Airport / ZDTI section.

Airport Expansion

Expansion of the port

Production, Transportation and Distribution of Drinking Water – Consumption of drinking water can only be ensured through desalination, which means that a single ETA (Water Treatment Plant) is planned to be built near the English Port and a base tank which will feed a set of distribution tanks.

Drinking Water – Flow

Maximum(m3/dia): 27.808
Medium(m3/dia): 14.191

Production, Transportation and Distribution of Energy – It is planned to build a new plant located in an area adjacent to the port, with a power of approximately 25 MW, including a wind component with a capacity of 7.5 MW. It also envisages the construction of an energy transport network that will follow the route of the island’s ring road.

ENERGY – Powers (Mw)

Tourism: 30,87
General Population: 9,47
Total: 40,34

Sanitation, Effluent Collection, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse – Wastewater will be treated and reused in the production of green spaces. To this end, two WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plant) will be built, one in the Porto English Village and the other north of Ribeira D. João ZDTI, in addition to the corresponding reservoirs and distribution networks.

Collection and Treatment of Solid Waste – 15 interface stations for separative deposition (glass, paper, metal / packaging, organic and undifferentiated waste) will be installed all over the island, but especially in the South, linking the local collection with the final collection for landfill of the undifferentiated residues, following the route of the Ilha do Maio road ring..

Sanitation – Flow

Maximum(m3/dia): 27.808
Medium(m3/dia): 14.191

Telecommunications – The route of primary communications networks, together with that of the primary energy distribution network, provides for an underground course, accompanying the network of structuring routes, connections and primary road – and following the same criterion of non – crossing of the beds of streams. Assuming that in the first stage the communications can be carried out via GSM, provision should be made for the installation of dedicated conduits for the future installation of appropriate wiring, allowing different alternatives from coaxial cables to fiber optic cables.