Organizational Structure

Social entities

According to the articles of association, SDTIBM:

General Assembly

It is the responsibility of the General Assembly to define the Company’s general policies and approve its main management instruments.

The General Assembly is formed by the shareholders with voting rights, and each vote corresponds to one vote at the General Meeting.

The General Assembly shall meet at least once a year and whenever it is convened, in accordance with the law or at the request of the Board of Directors, the Statutory Auditor or any shareholder holding or representing at least 5 % of the share capital of SDTIBM.

Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of votes cast, and abstentions are not counted, whenever the law or bylaws do not require a qualified majority.

The members of the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditor must be present at the meetings of the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the Company’s business and is given the broadest management powers. It is composed of one president and four administrators. The president and two directors are elected by state proposal, and the others, by the proposal of the municipalities of Boa Vista and Maio.

The Board of Directors shall meet monthly and whenever convened by its Chairman, on its own initiative or at the request of at least two directors and validly deliberate with the presence of the majority of its members, and the respective resolutions are taken by majority vote expressed.

Executive Directors

The ordinary management and representation acts of SDTIBM are the responsibility of the Executive Directors, composed of a chairman and two Directors, within the scope of the powers delegated by the Board of Directors and provided for in article 21, paragraph 1, of the Bylaws.

Single Tax

Supervision of the activities of SDTIBM is the responsibility of the single auditor, who is elected for a renewable three-year term.

luis silva

Luís Silva
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Marina Pereira Silva
 Executive Director

hercules vieira

Hercules Vieira
 Executive Director
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Board of the SDTIBM General Assembly:

  • Mr. Adriano Silva – President
  • Dr. Agnelo Boaventura Jorge – 1st Secretary
  • Dra. Leididiana Barros Ascenção – 2nd Secretary


Board of Directors of SDTIBM:

  • Eng. Luís Nataniel Silva
    Chairman of Board of Directors
  • Dr. Marina Silva
    Executive director
  • Eng. Hércules Jorge Vieira
    Executive director
  • Dr. João Pedro Spencer
    Non-Executive director
  • Arq.º Carlos dos Reis Borges
    Non-Executive director


The Sole Auditor

  • Dr. Ildo Lima