Port of Maio Island already has guaranteed funding

The construction of the port on the island of Maio has already secured financing, announced today the deputy prime minister and finance minister, indicating that works may start later this year.

In statements to Inforpress, Olavo Correia explained that this is a project financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and will involve not only Port of Maio, but also Palmeira, on the island of Sal, “about of 35 million euros “.

“This is very important,” said Olavo Correia, adding that, in relation to May, it is not just about the Port itself, explaining that there is still about 1.5 million euros, also AfDB financing, to invest in access to Porto and a program to support the young people and women of that island.

“We are talking about projects that have to do with access to financing, the promotion of young people and women, in order to prepare to take advantage of this infrastructure, but also the road that connects Vila to Porto,” he said.

Olavo Correia also stressed that the island of Maio, besides having “a lot of tourism potential”, has other advantages, namely at the level of industry, agro-industry and fisheries that can only be enhanced “if there are conditions of connectivity and mobility”.

Porto, he said, is an “essential infrastructure” for building a better future for the island of Maio.

The Minister of Finance also said that the Government will take advantage of the stay of the President of the ADB, Akinwumi Adesina, in Cape Verde, within the framework of the Summit of Heads of State of the CPLP, scheduled for July in Sal Island, to formally signify ” the beginning of this great project for May Island, but also for Cape Verde. ”

The governor added that the island of Maio will have “a very important role” in the process of accelerating the dynamics of growth for the other islands of the archipelago.
“We will launch the contest in July,” says Olavo Correia,

completing that there are conditions so that in this year, or later at the beginning of the next year, to begin with the construction of the infrastructure.

It should be recalled that during a visit last March to May, Olavo Correia said that the priority for the island, similar to solving the problem of drought mitigation and the bad agricultural year, has to do with the resolution of the requalification of the port of the city of English Harbor to create the conditions.

“A better future for the island of Maio has to go through the creation of the tourism market, which is why the number one priority for the island is the requalification of the port, so that we can have a national and international market,” he said. Olavo Correia, after a three-day visit to the island of Porto Ingles.

He added that, with the creation of this condition, all adjacent sectors will also see another dynamic, from agriculture, fishing and livestock, which, in his opinion, also has great potential in this regard.

At the time, he also affirmed that the Government is “engaged” in the realization of this work (of the port) and that, at the moment, the negotiation is “well advanced” and they hope to sign soon the financing agreement.

Source: Inforpress / End