Prime Minister Moves to Boa Vista for Works Consignment and Regionalization

On Friday, June 15, the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, will travel to the island of Boa Vista, where he will preside, on the same day, the official act of consigning the construction contract for the second phase of the Via structuring Airport – Rotunda das Pedras and access to Old Town. The ceremony will be attended by the Minister of Infrastructures, Spatial Planning and Housing, Eunice Silva, the Mayor of Boa Vista, José Luís Santos, and will take place in the town of Povoação Velha.

This project represents a total investment of approximately 640 million Cape Verdean escudos, with the financing entity being the Tourism Development Society of the islands of Boa Vista and Maio, SDTIBM. This 2nd phase, of approximately 6.8 km, completes the structuring route of the island of Boa Vista. It will also be built the access road to the town of Povoação Velha, also with concrete coating and approximately 4 km in length.

This project will provide Boa Vista with roads that allow access to its main tourist attractions, boosting the island’s integrated tourism development, improving the accessibility and mobility of the population to the air and sea connections, the North, the urban centers to the South – Estância de Baixo, Rabil, Povoação Velha and, in particular, will constitute one of the most important basic infrastructures for the development of special tourist areas – ZTEs de Chaves, Morro de Areia and Santa Monica.

On Saturday, 16 at 4:30 p.m., the Head of Government, accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructures, Spatial Planning and Housing, Eng. Eunice Silva, and the Mayor of Boa Vista, Dr. José Luis Santos, will preside at the Ceremony of consignment of the rehabilitation and expansion works of the Bairro de Chã de Salinas, known as Bairro da Boa Esperança, and the main sewer network of the city of Sal Rei, to be held in the center of the Boa Esperança neighborhood.

These works represent a total investment of approximately 330 million Cape Verdean escudos, guaranteed by the Government, through the Social Sustainability Fund for Tourism.

During his stay in Boa Vista, as well as in other islands of the country, the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, in the presence of Eng. Francisco Tavares, chairs the Conference on Regionalization, to be held at the Art and Culture Center at 11:00 a.m. in Sal Rei. With Regionalization, the Government intends to value the potential of each island to accelerate local and national economic growth, reduce regional asymmetries and promote regional balance.