Structuring projects

The Government of Cape Verde, the Municipality of Boa Vista, the Municipality of Maio and SDTIBM joined forces to create an ambitious infrastructure investment program aimed at improving the living standards of the local population and creating the most favorable conditions to support investment in tourism. These investments, totaling EUR 160 million for the period, include the modernization of existing airport infrastructure (runway extension, passenger terminal upgrade and navigation improvements), road network (3.688 additional kilometers of paved roads), production of water and electricity and distribution, sanitation and regeneration / urban development.

Through its subsidiary AEB (water and electricity company of Boa Vista) is currently planning investments in a new 62 MW electricity plant and water desalination plant (21,000 m3 / day).

Providing housing for the fast-growing tourism industry’s workforce is a potentially lucrative investment opportunity open to the private sector, with a current 6.000 units deficit in the project (until 2030).

Projects in Boavista

bahia sal rei

Projects in Maio