The Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Turístico de Ilhas da Boa Vista e Maio, SA, in its original Portuguese designation, is a limited liability company jointly owned by State of Cape Verde (51% of the shares), Municipality of Boa Vista (35% of the shares) and Municipality of Maio (14% of the shares). Its mission is to manage and promote private sector investment and the development of sustainable tourism in the six tourist development zones of the islands of Boa Vista and Maio, with a total area of approximately 7,000 hectares.

The company provides land with services, ie land infrastructures for roads, sanitation, water and electricity, in stunning seaside locations, for well-established entrepreneurs who can contribute positively to the development of Boa Vista and Maio, in the Republic of Cape Verde, tourist destinations of high standard.

In a joint effort to contribute to local development and provide guarantees to investors interested in acquiring land in Boa Vista and Maio, SDTIBM acquired 60% of Boa Vista water and electricity company (Boavista Water and Energy or AEB) and in partnership with the May City Council, is setting up the company Águas e Energia do Maio (AEM), which will have 29% of the shares.


The purpose of SDTIBM, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 1 of 2005 of January 31, consists of the physical planning, management and administration of Special Tourist Zones (ZTE) the Boa Vista and Maio Islands, constituted by Areas of Integral Tourism Development (ZDTI) and by Reserve and Tourism Protection Areas(ZRPT), with a view to promoting and developing tourism.

According to Legislative Decree no. 1/2005, of January 31, SDTIBM is granted the powers of, in the Special Tourist Zones of Boa Vista and Maio Islands:

a) Use, enjoy and administer the goods of the public domain and the private domain of the State that are or will be affected to the exercise of its activity.

b) Requiring the Government to declare the public utility and expropriation, as a matter of urgency, of real estate and rights established therein, whenever it deems it necessary;

c) To request the constitution of civil and administrative easements, in accordance with the law;

d) Report to the competent authorities the environmental, urban or territorial laws and regulations and land use and occupation in the ZTE;

e) To extrajudicially seize any works carried out in violation of environmental and urban laws and regulations, territorial planning or the regime of use and occupation of the ZTE, and request their respective judicial ratification;

f) To defend the possession and ownership of the property referred to in sub-paragraph a) and to use the legal means of defense of possession against any acts, works or constructions that violate the regime of use and occupation of the soil of the special tourist areas;

g) Require the demolition of the works and constructions referred to in sub-paragraphs e) and f);

h) To occupy, temporarily, private lands that it needs for yard, deposit of material and related installations, with works of which it owns, without prejudice of the contemporaneous payment of the fair compensation to the holders of the restricted rights.

It is also the responsibility of SDTIBM to ensure compatibility between environmental, infrastructure and urban development and tourism development in the islands of Boa Vista and Maio.