Esta ZDTI possui uma área total de 1.654 hectares divididos em três subzonas – Subzona de Chave Norte (725 hectares), subzona de Chave Centro (613 hectares) e Subzona de Chave Sul (316 hectares).

The ordering of the ZDTI de Chave was oriented towards a complementary filling of the areas with the highest density (existing commitments), adopting a buildability of no more than 15%, and a prediction for the available segments high-to-medium-high-quality projects, with a buildability index of between 5% and 15%.

It is to be admitted that the combination of typical parameters of medium-high and high standards, with adequate balances among the different types of products to be considered, including the reinforcement of equipment and services in the segments affected by commitments prior to tourism planning, can ensure the sustainability of a general medium-high to high standard. It is also to be admitted that, with the consolidation of this scenario, conditions may be created for the eventual improvement of existing units, thus reinforcing the general quality standard of this area.

Deducted from the territory of the ZDTI all areas subject to constraints impeding their occupation, there remains an area for tourist development with 801.39 hectares, which has a maximum buildability of 981,383.78 m2 and, with this buildability, it is estimated that over a period of more than 40 years will be installed in this ZDTI about 11,614 rooms, of which 30% will be hotel rooms.

Modalities of negotiation with SDTIBM:

  •     North and South Key – Sale of infra-structured land and assignment of the right to surface of land destined to Golf
  •     Key Center – Sale of infra-structured land

Key ZDTI Planning

Environmental protection area: 853 ha
Available area for tourist development: 801,39ha
Building Index: variável
Hotel component: 30%
Real Estate Component: 67%
Component Services: 3%
Bedrooms: 11,641

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Chaves Village

In order to contribute to greater diversification and inclusion of tourism investment in Boa Vista, SDTIBM created the “Chaves Village” project, a new tourist urbanization zone in ZDTI de Chaves aimed at small and medium-sized investments.