SDTIBM, the Boavista and Maio Islands Tourism Development Society, owner and manager of the Integral Tourism Development Zones (ZDTI) of the Boa Vista and Maio islands, presents the Chave Village project, an area of ​​socio-economic integration and evolution of Boa Vista Island.

Located in the ZDTI sub-area of ​​Chave, Chave-Centro, the Chave Village project, which aims to contribute to the diversification of investments in Boa Vista, proposes a new tourist urbanization area, aimed at small and medium-sized investments, with lots previously infrastructured, suitable for the development of small hotels and accommodation units. It also includes commercial spaces, amusement theme parks, and golf.

The decision to divide a portion of the Chave ZDTI into smaller areas – whose lots are predominantly designed for the development of large-scale tourism investment projects -, in addition to diversifying the tourist offer, aims to favor the development of opportunities that contribute to inclusive development, Chave Village project is designed for small national investors, in the country, and in the diaspora, and for the population residing in Cape Verde in general. It also aims to encourage the development of the second line of the aforementioned ZDTI, behind the existing Iberostar and New Horizon hotels, simultaneously embracing the current buildings and facilitating the connection between the various areas of the coast.

The position on the second line, but still close to the sea, all flat and rich in aquifers, is ideal for developing a 9-hole golf course and an adventure-themed water park, both being an absolute novelty in Cape Verde.
The Chave Village project will also accommodate technological features that will make it the island’s first smart district.

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