ZDTI of Morro de Areia

This ZDTI has a total area of 624 hectares, without compromising, although with some geographical constraints to be observed, namely the limited occurrence of beaches and a very significant limitation of the use of the sea front due to the fact that this point of the coast is an important place of shark mating.

Therefore, it is necessary to structure a specific development program based on alternatives to bathing tourism, structuring the bathing practice as a complement, oriented towards the most appropriate points that are located near its North and South extremes. adoption of a very high standard of quality and a balance of products centered in the conjugation of areas of great exclusivity with attractive equipments of great quality. It is considered that the inclusion of a Casino would be very appropriate as an important focus of the attractiveness of this ZDTI.

Deducted from the territory of the ZDTI all areas subject to constraints impeding their occupation, there remains an area for urban development with 475.19 hectares, which has a maximum buildability of 308.153,35 m2, which corresponds to a maximum rate of building of 8%. With this building rate, it is estimated that over a period of more than 40 years, some 4,370 rooms will be installed in this ZDTI.

Modalities of negotiation with SDTIBM:

  • Partnership in infrastructure

Planeamento da ZDTI de Morro de Areia

Total area:624 ha
Environmental protection area: 149 ha
Available area for tourism development: 475 ha
Buildability index: 8%
Hotel component: 25%
Real Estate Component: 71%
Services Component: 4%
Rooms: 4,370