ZDTI of Pau Seco

It is a small ZDTI with only 224 hectares, located on the west coast of the Island of May, comprising a bay of great beauty. Beach fronts are limited, and in the southernmost part of ZDTI, they have very good bathing quality. The rest of the sea front is rocky and has exceptional views.

Being a ZDTI located in an area distant from the others, it lacks a dedicated accessibility, deserving a special treatment, both with regard to the public investments to be made, and with regard to the orientation to be foreseen for its tourist development. It is considered feasible to adopt a medium-high standard (with a reference rate for building of 15%) taking into account the advantages of the critical mass that this index allows to create, in an area without significant geotechnical restrictions to the construction and close to urban centers with some expression, and which are expected to grow appreciably, accompanying the process of tourism development.

It is also considered acceptable to adopt alternative guidance, based on the creation of a very high-quality and highly exclusive tourist center, thus providing for the inclusion of very high quality equipment and services associated with a very sophisticated treatment of the spaces it integrates artificial water plans that contribute to overcoming the limitations that exist in terms of beach fitness fronts. In any case, the setting of a medium / high standard for this ZDTI, possibly associated with the purpose of making the infrastructures required by it, is predictable and desirable to be translated into projects that are close to the top of the segment, helping to establish the general paradigm of destiny at a high quality level.

Although the Pau Seco POT has not yet been prepared, it is estimated that in the next 40 years or more, about 4,148 rooms will be built in this ZDTI.

Modalities of negotiation with SDTIBM:

  •  Partnership in infrastructure