ZDTI of Ribeira De João

Located on the eastern coast of the Island of Maio, it is the largest of the ZDTIs of this Island, with 1,060 hectares of which 924 hectares (87.16%) are destined for tourist occupation and 126 hectares (11.88%) destined to environmental protection areas and landscape.

The fact that ZDTI integrates points of environmental interest – namely Lagoa do Cimidor and some very small beaches, where spawning of turtles occurs, justifies that, along with the prediction of a high to very high quality standard, an environmental dominant in the themes to be incorporated in the programs of the resorts to be developed. In addition, environmental requirements, related to the need to protect turtles, require the adoption of particularly demanding criteria for the protection of beaches where spawning occurs and the establishment of safety distances between them and the areas of implementation of the building.

The requirements inherent to this orientation justified the adoption of a building index of up to 8% in order to provide the best conditions of occupation taking into account the purpose of protection and environmental valuation. This will involve, in some cases, the need for functional recovery of ecosystems such as the Cimidor Lagoon.

For this ZDTI is expected, within a period of about 40 years, the installation of 8,278 rooms.

Modalities of negotiation with SDTIBM: 

  •  Partnership in infrastructure

Planning of ZDTI South of Vila do Maio

Total area: 1.060 ha
Environmental protection area: 194,82 ha
Available area for tourist development: 865.18 ha
Building Index: 8%
Hotel component: 25%
Real Estate Component: 70%
Component Services: 5%
bedrooms: 8.278