This ZDTI has 3,432 hectares, divided into two very distinct sub-zones (Santa Monica West Subzone and Santa Monica East Subzone), which, in turn, are subdivided into eleven subzones, to which different profiles and tourism parameters correspond.

The sub-zone of Santa Monica West – punctuated by a vast wetland that extends in all its fulfillment, parallel to the sea front – was the subject of a very careful planning for the preservation of that ecosystem, based on parameters of high quality with based on a building rate of no more than 6%.

The sub-zone of Santa Monica East corresponds to a continuous and relatively uniform range, with a smooth slope to the sea, where there are no relevant limitations to tourist occupation, except in the public maritime domain – will be subject to a more systematic occupation and intensive, corresponding to a medium-high quality standard, with a building rate of no more than 10%.

With this building rate, it is estimated that over a period of more than 40 years, some 28,650 rooms will be installed in this ZDTI.

Negotiation modalities with SDTIBM (Sub-zone of Santa Monica West):

  • Sale of infra-structured land

Santa Monica ZDTI Planning

Total area: 3,432 ha
Environmental protection area: 2,460 ha
Area available for tourism development: 971.9 ha
Buildability index: 8%
Hotel component: 25%
Real Estate Component: 70%
Component Services: 5%
bedrooms: 428,650

Santa Monica PSM 02

Santa Monica PSM 03