ZTE of the island of Maio

The ZTE (Special Tourist Zones) of Maio Island were created by theDecree – Regulatory nº 7/94, of 23 of May.Subsequently, its delimitations were modified under the Decree – Regulatory no. 7/2007, of 19 of March and Decree – Regulatory no. 4/2008, of 23 of June.

Thus, from the articulation of the three legal texts mentioned above we have:

A – Zones of Integral Tourism Development (ZDTI):

Zone of Integral Tourism Development South of Vila do Maio
Área: 770 hectares
Overall maximum buildability: 440.831,16 m2
Edificability(%): 8%
Estimated rooms: 5.067
Ratio Buildable / Room: 87m2/rooms
Standard: Medium-high and high quality

Zone of Integral Tourism Development of Ponta de Pau Seco
 Área: 224 hectares
Overall maximum buildability: 336.000 m2
Edificability(%): 15%
Rooms: 4.148
Ratio Buildable / Room: 87m2/quarto
Standard: Medium-high and high quality

Zone of Integral Tourism Development of Ribeira D. João
Área: 1.060 hectares
Overall maximum buildability: 710.926,26 m2
Edificability(%): 8.5%
Rooms: 8.172
Ratio Buildable / Room: 87m2 / room
Standard: Medium-high and high quality

B – Reservation and Tourism Protection Zone (ZRPT)

The Coastal Crown of May Island was declared a Tourist Reserve and Protection Zone, comprising an insular coastal strip of 1 km wide that completely surrounds the island, with the exception of sections of the said strip belonging to the following areas already constituted:

– ZDTI do Sul do Vila do Maio;
– ZDTI of Ribeira D. João;
– ZDTI of Ponta de Pau Seco;
– Vila do Porto English, with the necessary perimeter for the urban expansion of the village;
– Location of Calheta;
– Morro Town;
– Natural reserves, in accordance with the Annex referred to in number 1 of article 34 of Decree-Law no. 3/2003, of 24 February, as amended by Decree-Law no. 44/2006, of August 28.

According to Decree – Regulatory nº 7/94, of May 23, all the islanders of Ilha do Maio are included in this ZRPT.