Hello, there.

In case we have not yet met each other, my name is Rui Santos and I am pleased to attend the inaugural FIHA 2019 on behalf of the Republic of Cape Verde’s Boa Vista and Maio Tourism Islands Development Corporation, S.A..

The objectives for our participation in the inaugural FIHA event are:

  • to meet the players spearheading hotel investment in northern and Western Africa, particularly in the leisure sector (you, perhaps), and actively participate in discussing the regions’ hotel and resort investment prospects;
  • to raise awareness about Cape Verde as an emerging tourism and hotel investment destination, widely praised for its openness, stability, vibrant culture, diverse landscape and very easy access from Europe (the main source market for our booming tourism economy);
  • to discuss business opportunities with leisure hotel investors and operators who may be looking to expand their operations to promising emerging markets.

I will be speaking on the conference’s “Learning from the Leisure Segment: Beach Tourism” panel, on Friday, February 8, at 12:15 PM. Please attend and participate in it. Otherwise, if you see me anywhere in the conference floor, please, do say hello and introduce yourself, if I do not introduce myself to you first.
As you may already know, Cape Verde is a remarkable emerging tourism destination that is increasingly popular with European investors and tourists and on track to reach 1,000,000 visitors by the end of 2020.
Within the national context, Boa Vista and Maio islands are particularly promising as tourism and hotel investment destinations. While providing the same general attractions and favorable investment environment as the country as a whole, these are the first two islands in the country to have detailed tourism development plans and a publicly-backed entity (our company) to build infrastructure in and manage their six carefully chosen tourism development zones, and provide professional, thoughtful and timely support to investors.

More information about Boa Vista, here and here, and for Maio, here and here.

We are working to improve on the website’s functionality, content, design and English translation, to find more information about Boa Vista and Maio.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this page. I look forward to meeting you during FIHA 2019 and to the opportunity to learn more about your company’s development roadmap and how Boa Vista and Maio Islands, in Cape Verde, might eventually contribute to your future success.

I wish you a great conference, at FIHA 2019.

Ilha da Boavista

Santa Monica

The longest beach in Cape Verde

Morro de Areia

One of the 7 wonder of Cape Verde


The biggest area for tourism development in Boa Vista

Deserto de Viana

Our mini Sahara desert


A beautiful bay near the city of Sal-Rei


A wonderful land totally pristine on the South East coast

Ilha do Maio

Ilha do Maio

Ilha do Maio

Ilha do Maio

Ilha do Maio